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Famous for its Apple-to-PC content transfer tools, AnyTrans for Android offers you now an excellent tool to connect your Android devices to your computer and back up, clone, and copy all kinds of content in a seamless way. Wrapped up in an attractive and clean interface, this high-end utility turns your smartphone or tablet into a Windows drive, allowing you to move content from one another, from an Android device to a new one, or from an iOS to an Android device both quickly and conveniently.

Connecting your mobile device to your computer via AnyTrans for Android requires taking a few steps. Where other similar tools simply tell you “Device not found – try again”, the program provides you clear and simple instructions on how to do it in a step-by-step wizard-like user manual that simplifies an otherwise tedious process.

AnyTrans for Android is certainly an extremely useful tool and in more than one way. The most obvious function of all is probably its backup capability. This utility, common to all of its competitors, will let you copy your contacts, messages, pictures, and video files to your PC, thus freeing up valuable storage space and ensuring that nothing is lost if you happen to lose your phone or tablet. AnyTrans, however, can also back up your calendar entries, your installed apps, your books, and even your ringtones, and all of these operations are equally simple and straightforward. Your phone or tablet will appear on your PC just as any other Windows drive, which will let you copy, cut, delete, move, or paste any content to and from any other storage device installed or connected to your computer. It is that simple, and it all happens at lightning speed. Fast transfer speed is – together with the program’s nifty interface – probably what I like most about this tool.

You can copy and move one or various categories in bulk or go to My Files to select the specific items you wish to transfer, or you can add new content to your Android device from any of your drives. Still, nothing that any of its competitors couldn’t do. It is when it comes to moving the entire contents of your phone to a new one or when you wish to move from Android to iOS that this program really shines. The Clone Device function will let you replicate your old Android smartphone into a new one in just one simple step, while you will need to use Android Mover whenever an iOS device is used as a source. All your contacts, media files, pictures, documents, and – best of all – apps will be faithfully cloned on your new device in a breeze. The days of downloading and installing all your apps again manually are over thanks to AnyTrans for Android. All you need to do is connect both devices to your computer and let the program do its magic.

Something that AnyTrans for Android offers you and others don’t, is the possibility of accessing more than 900 websites (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) and download movies, music, videos, or TV shows directly to your phone and tablet or to your computer. Its built-in download manager will take care of everything, including resuming any interrupted download. This is a feature that I sorely missed when I tried to transfer a number of audio tracks from my phone to my laptop while checking this tool. The USB cable got disconnected from my phone and I had to start all over again – to my surprise, AnyTrans created a new folder to copy all the files again, without even giving me the option to use the same folder and ignore or overwrite the existing files. Other than this, my experience with AnyTrans has been most satisfactory. This is a tool I’ll cherish and keep on my laptop for a long time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear connection instructions
  • Android to iOS transfer utility
  • Clones your Android device to a new one
  • Moves content between your Android device and your PC with ease
  • Android to Android content transfer
  • Customizable content transfer
  • High-speed copy
  • Downloads media files from the Web to your connected devices


  • Cannot resume interrupted transfers
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